Senior Lounge Update 01-15-19

Senior Lounge Update 14.01.19

Dear NHC members, We hope this update finds everyone well-rested and geared up for a great 2019 after a happy holiday season. North Hatley has been as pretty as ever lately thanks to that always magical combination of fresh snow, the lake and sunshine. We’re pleased to report some good news in respect of the Senior Lounge.  

First, just prior to Christmas, our insurance company came through with its settlement offer. It was in the ballpark of what we were expecting and the amount will help us to move the rebuild process along with more certainty and direction. Second, on Friday, January 11th, President Robert Charest and John Hay (of our Design & Build committee) had another meeting with the Town of North Hatley. It was very encouraging. The Town has now advised that we may be able to rebuild the Senior Lounge on the same footprint after all, provided we obtain an engineer’s report attesting that the foundation is solid and certain approvals from the provincial Ministry of Forests, Fauna and Parks. That said, we’re cautiously optimistic we can clear these hurdles.  

Needless to say, this was very welcome news – particularly since the Town would otherwise require a “set-back” of 10 meters from the high water mark to meet its requirements for new constructions on the lake. The more we learn about and study this “set-back option” and its related restrictions, the more we realize its limitations. 

Since the fire struck, the Town has shown itself to be a good partner and now appears openly supportive of our efforts to rebuild on the same footprint.  We’re very grateful for this and appreciate the efforts of all Club members who’ve worked so hard over the years to foster such a good relationship with the Town of North Hatley.  

Over the next few weeks, Robert Charest and the Club’s Design & Build committee will be busy with next steps, including meeting with contractors and preparing plans to submit to the Town in time for the monthly meetings of the Town Planning and Heritage Committee. We’ll continue to keep you posted of key developments and milestones. 

Best regards,Joff Elkas, Vice-PresidentFor the Board of Directors  p.s. Suggestions, comments and/or questions? 

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