Senior Lounge Update 12-09-18

Senior Lounge Update 09.12.18

Dear NHC members, 

Progress on the file has been slow but steady. We still don’t have all the information we need to move forward decisively but things are gradually coming into focus.

The Club continues to press its insurance company for the settlement offer.  Our broker informed us that the delays this past week were due to vacations of key people working on the file.

Nonetheless, the Club met with the North Hatley town manager and building inspector on Thursday.  The meeting was generally positive and constructive as the Town both expressed a willingness to be as helpful as possible within the constraints of the law and confirmed requirements for the Senior Lounge to be re-built on the same footprint. 

However, the Town was doubtful the Senior Lounge could be re-built by June 2019, regardless of whether such requirements are met.  It cited delays associated with the permitting process as the main reason a rebuild is unlikely within this timeframe.

In light of information provided during the meeting, the Board is now seeking professional opinions to properly assess its options. 

We did receive the staking certificate from our surveyor and are now in a position to draw up architectural plans of the options we identify. 
Thank you for your continued support of your North Hatley Club. 

Jonathan Elkas, Vice-PresidentFor the Board of Directors