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2018 membership category:

To ensure that the 2018 NHC budget is as accurate as possible, a member planning to change membership category (e.g. full season to 16 day or Sustaining) is required to advise the club prior to January 31st. After this date, dues will be payable according to the previous year’s category.

Members turning 31 before May 31st, 2018, are not covered under the family membership and become intermediate members. Similarly, if a member turns 35 before May 31st, 2018, a senior membership applies. If  this applies to you, please advise before January 31st.

Membership Directory: 

The directory has been updated. The current version was emailed to you on November 25th.

Please email Jennifer at if there are any changes to your information, including changes of address, email or phone number. Another update will be published in February.

The directory is no longer available on the website, due to member concerns about privacy.

2018 NHC Calendar:

The 2018 calendar is on the website. A copy was emailed to you on November 25th.

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