Application Process

Application Process for Membership in the NHC

Applications are due by October 1st for membership commencing the following summer. They are voted on by the Board of Directors during their winter meeting which will give accepted members time to make their summer plans. A proposer and two seconders are required and they each need to have been members of the club for at least five years. The forms are available online for current members applying on behalf of their friends. They should be mailed directly to the Chair of Membership.

There is no longer a two week ‘trial membership’ option. Proposers and seconders need to spend some time during the summer before going through the application process introducing their friends to members of our community.

Prospective members may spend up to a week at the club as paid guests of their proposer and/or seconders and must be accompanied at all times by their host(s). This will insure that they get a ‘feel’ for the club, that current members get to know them and also, that the proposers and seconders are truly responsible for introducing them around, following through with the application process and accompanying them to events especially during the first summer of their new membership.

For more information or to receive an application please contact Jane Cameron, Membership Chair.

Jane can be reached at:

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Opening Tea June 29, 2019

Wow! In just a few days the lake, overflowing last week, has returned to acceptable levels. The snow, so high that Main Street resembled a Black Diamond ski run. has disappeared. Summer, here we come!

Paul and Sherry Caron, who last summer did a great job in coordinating the scrambles so enjoyed by NHC golfers, have other priorities this year. We are seeking a replacement individual or couple to manage this event. Training provided. Remuneration is in the form of gratitude expressed freely by the many golf devotees who have enjoyed this sporting/social occasion over the years. If you feel drawn to offer your talents to coordinate this event, please contact Brian at

The calendar indicates an Under 55 mixed doubles tennis round robin on June 30th.
CORRECTION: The date is Sunday July 7th at 5:00 p.m.!

We have engaged a sleuth to identify the NHC member, a wealth management client of RBC Dominion Securities, branch unknown, who directed his or her wealth management manager to make an incognito deposit of $187.41 into the North Hatley Club RBC account on April 18th. The Royal Bank of Canada, for all the zeros contained on the last line of its quarterly net income statement, not only is unable to track down the source of this Sustaining membership fee, but menaces the club with a $5.00 fee for the unsuccessful attempt!. If this situation strikes a chord of recognition, our sleuth would be most appreciative if you would email Brian to enable the club to put paid to this mystery and credit your dues account.

STAFF 2019:
We are pleased that Marjorie Ross will return to teach swimming and canoeing. We welcome returning counselors Brendan Barritt (lead counselor), Rebecca Ross, Emma Forrester and Charlie Ambler and new counselor and NHC member Kate Tunnell.

Your Directors look forward to greeting you at the Opening Tea on Saturday, June 29th!

source: NHC worldwide news service.

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