Application Process

Application Process for Membership in the NHC

Applications are due by October 1st for membership commencing the following summer. They are voted on by the Board of Directors during their winter meeting which will give accepted members time to make their summer plans. A proposer and two seconders are required and they each need to have been members of the club for at least five years. The forms are available online for current members applying on behalf of their friends. They should be mailed directly to the Chair of Membership.

There is no longer a two week ‘trial membership’ option. Proposers and seconders need to spend some time during the summer before going through the application process introducing their friends to members of our community.

Prospective members may spend up to a week at the club as paid guests of their proposer and/or seconders and must be accompanied at all times by their host(s). This will insure that they get a ‘feel’ for the club, that current members get to know them and also, that the proposers and seconders are truly responsible for introducing them around, following through with the application process and accompanying them to events especially during the first summer of their new membership.

For more information or to receive an application please contact Jane Cameron, Membership Chair.

Jane can be reached at:

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Here’s the latest news about the Senior Lounge rebuild.

February 2019

February 19th, 2019

It’s been a little over a month since our last communication and there’s a lot to report about efforts to rebuild the Senior Lounge in its existing location. Things are moving along well and quickly.

Here’s a rundown of the key information, notable learnings and goings on since our last update:

Robert Charest continues to be the point person with the three key stakeholders for approval of our re-build project: the Town of North Hatley, and the provincial Ministries of the Environment and Forests, Fauna and Parks, respectively.

The Town’s Planning and Heritage Committee (“CCUP” in French) is a key decision-making body and meets monthly to review and recommend projects for approval by Town council.

Further to direction from the Town, the Club sought and obtained an opinion from the engineering firm of St-Georges Structures & Civil attesting to the integrity of the foundation of the Senior Lounge for re-build purposes. Receiving such assurance has been critical to the Town’s support of the Club’s desire to rebuild on the same footprint.

Further to a recommendation from the Ministry of Forests, Fauna and Parks, the Club retained the services of an environmental consulting firm, Englobe Corp., to meet the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment for completion of a detailed biological assessment report.

The Club’s Design & Build committee has met several times and prepared an initial set of technical drawings of the new Senior Lounge in light of feedback from the Town, the Board and Club members (received via

The drawings were approved by the Board of Directors at an emergency meeting on February 8th. The drawings were submitted to the Town’s Building Inspector and will be presented at the CCUP meeting on Wednesday, February 20th.

If all goes well, the CCUP will make its preliminary recommendations and the Club will be invited to submit detailed plans for the March meeting of the CCUP, with a view to obtaining final Town approval at a subsequent council meeting.

The Club is in the process of finalizing an agreement for the services of a local architect to draw up the construction-grade, detailed plans. These will be required for the Town’s permit process and to enable the Club to solicit high quality quotes from contractors submitting responses to our upcoming RFP (Request for Proposals) for the construction work.

With the support of representatives from the Town and the Ministry of Forests, Fauna and Parks, the Club is in the process of applying to the Town for a permit to demolish the existing Senior Lounge structure over the next few weeks. The plan is to demolish the structure while the ground and the lake is frozen, to minimize environmental damage.

Once we receive comments on the drawings from the Town (via the CCUP) and have the detailed architect’s plans in hand, the Board intends to communicate its recommendation to Club members.

We extend our sincere thanks to all members of the rebuild committees (particularly James Macgillivray), the Board of Directors (including Phil Côté, Lex Gallagher and Melissa Provencher who have formed our Summer 2019 Contingency Planning Committee) and all who sent photos of the Senior Lounge to help meet the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment. We also thank all those who have offered to help in various ways. Rest assured that your support is most appreciated and you will likely hear from us over the coming weeks and months. There is a role for everyone to play!

As you can see, it “takes a village” to move something like this forward and we fortunately don’t lack for villagers of goodwill and good intentions.

We’ll continue to keep you posted of key developments and milestones.

Best regards,

Joff Elkas, Vice-President
For the Board of Directors

p.s. Suggestions, comments and/or questions? Email or Brian Patterson directly at

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