Opening Day with Junior Activities

Junior Activities started June 26th. Here’s a reminder and a copy of the JA schedule (at end of this email): 
No advance sign up is required for morning canoeing, swimming and tennis and wetfoot sailing in the afternoon. Please register your child’s presence and in which activities he/she will be engaged, on the JA board when you arrive.Registration is required for afternoon sailing and golf, either by email to or on the list posted on the JA board. Both have maximums. If your child’s registration is after the maximum for that session, she/he will have priority for the next session. All emails will be answered.

There will be supervised free sailing activities on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for juniors not occupied in other activities.Junior afternoon tennis clinics
will start next Thursday at 1:30 p.m. and each Tuesday and Thursday thereafter. Maximum players per clinic is 16, i.e. 8 intermediate and 8 advanced. Fee is $15.00 per clinic. (Ask Vince if you do not know your child’s level.)

Registration for the first clinic on June 27th is by email to tennisnhc@gmail.comYour registration will be confirmed by email. When this clinic is full, the next 8 registrants will have priority for the following clinic. 

Sign up for clinics starting July 2nd will start on Wednesday, June 26th on the junior tennis board at the JA pavilion, or you may email a registration starting now to Vince at Here is a copy of the Junior Activity schedule.Today, the sun shines. May this continue . . .