Fire in the Senior Lounge 10-30-18

Photos from our friends and neighbors in North Hatley.  Thank you to the fire department for responding and saving the rest of the club.  Photos by Jean Vanaise, Sue Cote, Sherry Caron, Naisi LeBaron, Jeremy Stafford, John Hay and The Sherbrooke Record.  Please send more and I will add them to the slide show.  Also, scroll down for a message from our Director of Operations, Brian Patterson.



Dear NHC members,

At 9:40 this a.m. a neighbor passing by the club noticed smoke coming from the Senior Lounge and called 911. The fire department arrived before 10:00 a.m. They were able to contain the fire to the Senior Lounge building. Unfortunately they were not able to save the Senior Lounge, nor any of its contents.

There were no injuries.

The property is being secured. Our insurance company has been advised.

The origin of the fire is being investigated. Your Board is keeping abreast of new information as it comes to light. We will provide more news about the fire and the plan for restoration in the near future.

Brian Patterson
Director of Operations.